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Behind the scenes with 'Celebrant in the City'.

From time to time I receive some great stories from fellow celebrants. This is such an occasion... My celebrant friend (let's call him Frank) was going to be delivering a funeral ceremony the next day and stopped by the venue for a quick check in.

While he was there, he bumped into the venue manager who asked how Frank was. Frank replied that he was feeling fine and due for a hip replacement in the near future. After a bit more chit chat the pair bid each other farewell.

The next day Frank returned to the venue ready to deliver the funeral ceremony. As he was paying his respects to the deceased by the coffin, our venue manager approached him with a special delivery. "Frank" he announced... "This one should be about the right size for you!" With a large smile he held out a titanium hip part for Frank to accept. I will leave the rest to your imagination lovely reader!

Ahhh the glamorous, quirky, different and unusual life of a celebrant!

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