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There are some important steps to being legally married. 

As your marriage celebrant I will guide you through them. 

For those who love details here is an overview of how the official side of getting married works:

About Weddings - Logistical requirements


Step 1.

Let's meet to discuss your vision for your ceremony!

During our meeting we'll completing the Notice of Intended Marriage form.

This form is also referred to as the NOIM. It must be completed at least one month before your wedding date and no more than 18 months before your wedding.


In order to complete the form I am required to sight ID for both of you. 

You can download the NOIM here, complete as much as possible and bring it to our next meeting.


Click here for NOIM


All completed documents remain with me until after your wedding. 


Step 2.

I create a personalised ceremony that suits your style and wishes. I will provide you with ceremony examples and ideas for poems, rituals and vows. It's ideal to have the ceremony details confirmed at least one month before your wedding day.


Step 3.

Rehearsal time!

A rehearsal will prepare you, your partner and your bridal party for what it will be like on your big day. At the rehearsal I will ask you to sign the 'No Impediment to marriage form', this must be signed before your ceremony. 


Step 4.

Your wedding day!

I will arrive well before your ceremony to set up, test my audio equipment and prepare anyone involved in your wedding. During your ceremony I will ask you, your partner and your two witnesses to sign the legal documents.


Step 5.

After your wedding, I will post all the required paperwork (including the NOIM) via Registered Mail to the office of Births, Deaths and Marriages.


Step 6.

Enjoy your married life together!

If you want to change your name on your drivers licence, bank accounts etc, you will need your Original Certificate of Marriage.


Now that you know the overall steps involved, let's get together for the fun part and start planning your ceremony! 

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