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Welcome to the 'Celebrant in the City' blog

Hello my lovelies! This is the place where I'll be sharing snippets of what happens behind the scenes in those fancy pants weddings.... Here goes!

A very lovely lady who I delivered a ceremony for and MC'd her wedding told me a shocking story at her wedding reception. Let's call her A. Only a few days before her wedding A went to pick up her wedding gown that needed to be taken in. As A got out of the car in the driveway she noticed the seamstress standing there in the doorway in tears. It seems that the debutante ball season had gotten too much for her and she hadn't had any time to alter lovely A's gown!

As she entered the workroom A realised that the whole dress was in PIECES! Yes dear reader, you read that right! The entire gown was in pieces! It was shredded, dismantled and splayed out all over the room! What on earth was she going to do? Where was she going to find another gown with only two days to go?

What did A do? Well, A works in a very high pressure job so she calmly went around the work room picking up the separated sections of her gown...

A composed herself, gathered all the pieces of her disassembled gown and gingerly placed it in her car where she rang her handsome fiance. Can you imagine the stress? On the inside she was screaming! A's husband-to-be literally came to the rescue. He sourced and secured a suitable seamstress who performed a minor miracle! And viola! A looked absolutely stunning with narry a sign of the previous chaos.

Phew dear reader! That was a close call!

If you have any stories you'd like to share drop me a line sometime xo

P.S Lovelies, you can login and sign up so you never miss a blog.

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